Our Story

Hi, Babe! Thank you so much for joining us today! I'm Christy (the owner) and this is my Nana (the reason) and this is the story of why we're trying to change women's lives, one shirt at a time!

She gave me my love for coffee when I was two (dip your Oreos in it, like seriously), taught me how to dance in her kitchen when I was ten (or tried to at least), taught me how to make sun tea when I was eight, and made sure that by eighteen, I knew to never let a boy control me.

She was opinionated, fierce, quick-witted, and hilarious, and loved like she talked, loudly and endlessly. She was typically dressed head to toe in loud patterns, had an exuberant amount of jewelry, always had on a new pair of shoes, and wanted to marry Keith Urban until her dying day.

So when I lost her in 2018, as cheesy as it sounds, I knew that I and the world would never be the same. Because she was my person. She was my backbone and funny bone, my instigator and encourager, and my head and heart. And I know for a fact how rare that is to find.

Which is why as I began to heal, I realized that not only was I lucky to have had that, but I wanted every single woman around me to have that too. Because every single woman and little girl deserves to have a "Nana" behind and beside them always reminding them that, "You got this. You can do this. I always have your back through this. And we're gonna have some fun while we do this!" 

So that's why I created this company and named it Mary Alice, after that incredible, life-changing woman. Because clothing was her second love behind me, we are selling clothing that aims to encourage and empower you in everything that you do.

We want to not only be your cheerleader, dream-supporter, and encourager, but to also make sure that you look and have fun while living your life and pursuing your dreams!

Because we believe in you (and coffee), and we want to help you believe in yourself too! Because we know that together, we will help you you live your best life!

So have an amazing day, babe! And please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you! 

Love, Christy